Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Podside Podcast is the official podcast of the Podside NetworX. This podcast was born in 2013 and was active until 2016. After a couple of years of hiatus, it is back!!!


Originally, the podcast was intended to be a compilation of videocasters, podcasters, bloggers and broadcasters that came together once a week to talk about the great game of EVEONLINE. It was to be ran by the community media and not one person. Needless to say that didn't happen. S8 Radio (Section 8 Radio) was the initial hosters of the raw audio files and over time S8 Radio became Podside NetworX. Podside NetworX became the official media outlet of the Multiplex Gaming Community.


The Podside Podcast was a virtual bar room that game developers, VIPs/In-game Personalities, media personalities along with other regular guests all came together to talk and rant about EVEONLINE. It was always heated and spirited due to everyone being so passionate about the game. Each episode was a minimum of an hour and went as many as four hours. It started as just one episode a week being recorded, however near the hiatus, three episodes a week were being recorded.


The Podside Podcast sabbatical has come to an end. All the prior episodes have been archived and will be made available for download. Although Podside is back, it is going to be different. Podside is looking for a fresh clean start. Hope you enjoy!

  • Podcast Episodes

    It is our goal for the Podside Podcast to have each episode available in video and audio formats to include a description. A brief description will be available in RSS feeds, however, you will find better descriptions and more info about each episode.

  • Podcast Crew

    Here you will find information about our hosts and regular guests. Want to put a voice with a face? Want to get to know a little more about the Podside Crew? Well, here they are!

  • Podcast News

    If we can let you know in advance about up coming topics or guests, we will let you know right here!

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